Top 10 Nike Running Shoes review with free Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Nike Running Shoes with Buyer Guide

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Nike sports shoes are very popular among professional marathoners, as well as running enthusiasts. The companies launched lots of different models which can suit a lot of motions, trails, budgets, and sizes. One important thing that Nike commits is that it always comes up with new and innovative technologies that maintain in their product’s performance with better standards. Some models are presented below are resistant, stylish, comfortable, and versatile. These shoes can express personal style and will maximize the flexibility as well as comfort by selecting from wide-palette with different designs, colors. The shoes are made in many shapes and sizes that will suit individual preferences. If you are looking for best Nike Running Shoes, then keep ready on:

Criteria used for Evaluation:

Before making any purchase, individuals should identify their specifications for the best Nike Running Shoes that you want to buy. It includes budget, characteristics, features, etc. of running shoes. Here are some requirements which you should be considering while purchasing Nike running shoe of all kinds:

·      Comfort and durability

Variety is a spice of life. You should decide on purchasing the Nike shoe that offers you a better comfort level. Each shoe is below mentioned list is comfortable to wear. So, you chose the one that is fit with your feet.

Durability is a strong consideration that indicates comfort shoes. So, always choose the shoes that are made from quality fabric so that it will give you both comfort and durable level. 

·      Responsive

What to search out for will depend on the wideness and size of your feet. The word responsive means that how the shoe you purchase moves when mobility is in full action. If you recognize that you run and then stop suddenly, if shoe gives you better comfortability level, then its responsive will be good. 

·      Know your size: 

To get the right fit shoe, you require to determine your size. Many Nike running shoesare available in different sizes. It is important to consider because, without a proper fit, you will be unable to run in your sports competitions and games.

·      Style 

Style is an important factor that should consider while purchasing running shoes. It helps to find out a better level of versatility. Nike shoes are more fashionable. But if you’re going for durable shoes, then consider the shoe that is not stylish. Stylish and durable shoes should be your first preferences.

·      Running surface:

Many Nike shoes are designed for runners. These shoes offer maximum foot traction and protections. They are bulkier and heavier. The shoe is made from durable material so that runner feel better comfy. 

Product Reviews

Product 1): Nike Men’s Air Zoom

Product Description + Features

The NIKE air zoom is a simple shoe that is designed for runner and available at a reasonable price. It features the neutral platform with a weight of 1.87 pounds and 10-mm offset. The Nike air zoom Pegasus 36 are the proven shoes from Nike brand which offers reliable, well-tested and durable based on valuable features. With smart looks and fair price, runners have good and secure running while purchasing this unique pair. 

The sole is good on track while running on treadmill and roads. The shoe is good in wet conditions and offers better absorbing power. 


·      Modern fitting upper

·      Great rubber coverage on an outsole

·      Simple upper that reduces chafing chances

·      Better price and stylish look

·      Reliable and durable shoe


·      The fabric holds all around the heel in a very odd way.


Price: $114-$281, Color: Black, weight: 1.87 pounds

Product 2) Nike Air Zoom Streak 7

Product Description and features

If you are looking for ease in racing and never want to spend lots of money on any fast shoes, then Nike Air Zoom Streak-7 is best Nike Shoe for you. The shoe is engineered with a durable and sturdy structure. The mesh upper of the shoe is breathable and offers high-abrasion rubber outsole. The rubber outsole keeps the individual from slipping on track loops and sharp turns. 

The shoe is one of the lightest running shoes available at low cost. The color of the shoe is black that enhances beauty as well. The shoe offers a better responsive and snappy feeling. The midsole is made from a plastic plate.


·      Fast and light in weight

·      Responsive and snappy feeling

·      Better cushioning

·      Perfect traction in wet as well as slippery weather

·      Good racing shoes


·      The upper sole still shortfall


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Price: $113.33-$195.75, Color: Black, Weight: 1.6 pounds

Product 3) Nike Zoom Vomero 14:

Product Description and features

Vomero 14 is one of the best and higher-cushioned shoes. It offers you better cushion-level of a neutral line. The shoe upper side is well-designed. It offers better supports to your feet. The shoe offers seamless construction because of Flywire technology. This technology is better at locking in your feet. The mesh used is manufactured from top-notch material.

The shoes are breathable and supportive. The upper uses cushioned pads that help to have better feeling around the ankle. It is a small piece but offers you better cushioned and breathable power.


·      Very responsive shoes

·      Beautiful and stylish look

·      The flywire can lock your feet in 

·      Better plush under-heel cushioned

·      A higher cushioned neutral trainer


·      Costly shoes

·      Lacking forefoot cushioning

·      The toe box is not fit for wider feet


Price: $89,90-314, color: Aviator blue, Weight: 3 pounds

Product 4) Nike Winflo 5:

Product Description and features

Nike Winflo 5 is a lightweight product. It is usually marketed at a very lower price as compared to other Nike Running Shoes. These shoes are ideal options when you are searching for better daily trainer shoes. The responsiveness of the shoes is not so good as provided by Nike’s Pegasus line. But Nike Winflo 5 offers you a reliable grip. The cushioned offered by the shoes is nice and comfortable.  

The shoes offer a sturdy grip and are well-cushioned. It is suitable for running workouts, regular roads running and moderate trails. The padded heel makes the shoes better for long uses.


·      Better value for the price

·      Offers you a better and sturdy grip

·      Shoes are a nice and comfortable cushion

·      Suitable for runners

·      Shoes are good for long runs

·      Padded heel 


·      Affordable but not offer suitable support

·      Not good when you are run at a faster speed

·      Lack of lockdown


Price: $20-203.75, Color: Black, weight: 12 ounces

Product 5) Nike Legend React:

Product Description and features

Nike Manufacturers launched one of the best shoes “the Nike Legend React”. The shoes offer smooth upper fitting. It offers an adorable design that is oriented toward the gentle ride. It is not so expensive as other shoe brands. The shoe is marketed with the midfoot overlays that offer more secure and protective feelings. Nike has fully relied on the new polymer type. This new polymer type creates a perfect kind of foam. 

Legend React is one of the best Nike Running Shoes because it offers improved better performance. It offers long-lasting comfortable at any temperatures. It comes up with React Technology offers a better soft sensation that leads to the smooth rides.


·      Adorable and attractive design

·      Comes up with partial bootie wraps that offer a snug fit

·      Excellent soft sensation shoes

·      Leads to smooth rides

·      Comes up with React Technology

·      Breathable material

·      Lightweight

·      Plenty of ventilation 


·      Tongue elements are made from a non-breathable material


Price: 69.22-$234, color: Black, weight: 12 ounces

Product 6) Nike Men’s Revolution 4

Product Description and features

Nike Men’s Revolution-4 is one of the best Nike Running Shoes. It is a versatile pair of Nike collection. The shoes are specially designed for runner with comfort, durability and sturdy construction. The shoes come up with well-cushioned insole as well as a padded ankle collar. Ankle collar allows passing through various terrain without feeling any fatigue and injuries on the bottom side of your feet.

These shoes are available in different colors, so you choose the one that offers you cost-effectiveness. It gives you better comfort and traction properties.


·      Better level of Impact resistant

·      Well-cushioned insole

·      Comes up with various colors

·      Cost-effective shoes

·      Designed for better comfort

·      Comes up with ankle collar


·      Little bit costly


Price: $39.99-131.24, Color: Black, weight: 12 ounces

Product 7) Free RN 2018 Flyknit:

Product Description and features

One of the best and better class minimalist shoes are available on the market is Free RN 2018. It is packable, and comfortable pair of running shoes for short runs, travel and everyday wear. This is a new version after improved upper, lightweight and snug fit. It is neutral and road running pair of shoes that are perfect for speed training. The shoe is a good choice for those people who are looking for packable and comfortable athletic shoes.

The midsole is made from phylon foam which will cushion your feet without creating any weight underneath your feet. The shoe offers a Tri-Star traction pattern on its outsole that works very well on pavement.


·      Lightweight and packable 

·      8-mm heel-to-toe offset

·      Comes up with stretch fly knit upper

·      Phylon midsole

·      Tri-Star traction style and pattern


·      Squeaking soles

·      Runs only for a small distance


Price: $84.99-341.88, Color: Black, weight: 12 ounces 

Product 8) Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo:

Product Description and features

The model is the extension of the Nike Pegasus 35. It is specially designed for runners who want something that will help them to focus properly on speed. These shoes are perfect to wear in many competition days. The fast-looking shoe with a stylish heel attracts the attention of other people. One of the best things about this Nike shoe is the unique type cushioning called ZoomX foam. ZoomX offers responsive rides that offer lots of energy to your feet.  

The translucent mesh upper offers you a seamless and breathable fit. It offers adorable design features that give rounded collar and Flywire cables that wrap around midfoot and arch. It is the best and most recommended shoe. Both front and back feature carbon rubber offer durability and stabilization.


·      ZoomX foam cushioning

·      Lightweight and breathable

·      Translucent mesh upper

·      Biomechanically designed sole

·      Durable ad sturdy design

·      Designed for runners

·      Unique heel and eye-catching result

·      Breathable and seamless fits


·      Expensive

·      Limited colorways and widths


Price: $119.95-410, Color: Black, weight: 13 ounces

Product 9) Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5:

Product Description and features

It is the best running shoe for those individuals who want to train in nature. It offers better protection on different terrain. It offers comfort and enjoyable running moments. The upper layer mesh and textile enables you to enjoy running on both stable and uneven surfaces. These shoes are best to wear by those individuals who have wider feet. Stability and arch support provided by the Flywire cables which wrap all around the midfoot.

These cables are connected to the lacing system. You will find the carbon rubber inserts for better durability and sturdy. The aggressive traction pattern enables the runner to run or cross all types of terrains. The price of the shoe is average as compared to other shoes.


·      Mesh and textile upper

·      Carbon rubber outsole

·      Protective and durable rock plate

·      Multidirectional traction pattern

·      Zoom and Pylon air cushioning

·      Best running shoes

·      Prevent rubbing and blistering


·      Outsole durability is not good

·      Perfect for small runs


Price: $109.95-159, Color: Black, weight: 11 ounces

Product 10) Nike Zoom Structure 22:

Product Description and features

It is one of the best Nike brand products that offer you a traditional look. The shoe offers better stability and durability. The shoe works well for those people who have flat feet. It is the best running shoe because of Flywire cables. The Flywire cables present in the middle part which are committed to providing the higher-level of lockdown and support.

The shoe comes up in different colors that help you to choose the best one. The cushion of the shoe is made from the premium material known as ST foam. The outsole durability and sturdy make the shoes perfect for a longer run.  


·      Comes up with different colors

·      Improved upper elements

·      Higher-level of support

·      Better lockdown

·      Reflective heel colors

·      ST foam premium material is used in cushion


·      Sole of shoe is made from rubber that is unresponsive

·      Heel element does not offer better grip


Price: $89.49-269.99, Color: Black, weight: 12 ounces

Comparing Table

Product name Price ($)ColorWeight 
Nike Men’s Air Zoom114-281Black1.87 pounds
Nike Air Zoom Streak 7$113.33-$195.75Black1.6 pounds
Nike Zoom Vomero 1489,90-314Black3 pounds
Nike Winflo 520-203.75Black12 ounces
Nike Legend React69.22-$234Black12 ounces
Nike Men’s Revolution 439.99-131.24Black12 ounces
Free RN 2018 Flyknit$84.99-341.88Black12 ounces
Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo119.95-410Black13 ounces
Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5109.95-159Black11 ounces
Nike Zoom Structure 2289.49-269.99Black12 ounces


All Nike Running Shoesare good and offers plenty of useful features. Your final purchasing decision should be 100% based on many factors like needs and preferences. For an instant, if you are searching for the best all-rounder racing shoes, then NIKE ZOOM Pegasus 36 is the best operation for you. Similarly, Air Zoom Structure 22 provide you a better level of stability. I hope the article gives you more detail about best and better-quality shoes. For more detail, inbox us.

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